It lags noticeable. If I restart TheBrain9, it becomes better (but still not good), with time gets worse again. It is really very annoying. In TB8 there is no such problem on the same computers. Spell check is off, word count off. All other operations (node switch etc) run smoothly. Lag is a bit better on more powerful desktop (Core i5) and worse on Surface 3 Pro (Core i3), but it is always there. Please, do something with it! 😉

Thank you for posting.  After you start seeing a noticable lag when using the Notes, please send a copy of your Output.log file to Support@thebrain.com with a brief description of the problem (and, if possible, a small video of the lag you are seeing). This log file can be access by clicking on Help > Open Log Directory in TheBrain.

Thank you,

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