There was a thread on this a year ago, debating whether the Report should be called a Filter etc. etc.  I don't really care what you call it. But the idea that V.9 has no way to filter what shows on your screen is catastrophic. That was one of the THE most powerful aspects of TheBrain, and allowed you to do all things of things with a MegaBrain.  Just for example, when demonstrating the Brain to other people in Skype or in a Big Thinkers Webinar, how am I going to hide all of my private thoughts (I don't even see anything in Preferences that allows me to hide private thoughts)? I can't imagine what you were thinking. In advocating that the Web Client get some kind of report feature, it never occurred to me you'd simply delete it from the desktop.  

The same goes for Expanded View by the way (which I understand is gone).  A very powerful tool for publishing visualizations of how a Brain is organized is now simply gone? 


There are many others who agree with you about the value of the expanded view, as you'll see in this discussion:
Yes, I posted a couple of examples in that thread of how the Report and Expanded View features in V8 work together to make certain kinds of visualizations possible.  I've seen a lot of discussion relating to the Reporting feature (filtering) and the Expanded View feature, but nothing pointing out that the two go hand in hand.  
Mark and Metta,

Plex filtering based on Report results is documented and will be considered for a future release.

Thank you,
Matt Caton
Well I for one will not be upgrading until you do.

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