If you are running TheBrain 8 on a system with Windows 10 you may have noticed a bug where if you have two monitors with different resolutions and you try to have the Notes window floating on a different monitor the system crashes.

There is a solution!

Recently I was reading that the latest update to Windows 10 is supposed to fix many of the high DPI screen issues, but it wasn't doing anything for my setup so I started digging around, here is what I found.

If you select the executable file, it's probably in "C:\Program Files\TheBrain\TheBrain.exe" or if you have an icon on your desktop then right click and select the 'Open file location' option.

Once you have located the executable (called TheBrain.exe) then right click on it and select properties. then in the dialog box that appears select the tab marked 'Compatibility', this tab has changed a lot with the latest update to Windows 10.

If you are running Windows 10 and it is up to date then the dialog box will probably appear like the image attached to this post.  You need to click in the checkbox marked 'Override high DPI scaling behavour' and in the dropdown called 'Scaling performed by' set the option to 'System'.

When you next run TheBrain the problem with the floating notes window crashing the program if your screens have different scaling factors will not happen any more.  The floating window will probably disappear when you first float the window but if you select 'Open Notes Window' from the 'Thought' menu it will re-appear and you can drag it to the other screen without crashing the system.  Problem solved !

Have fun !  [smile] Click image for larger version - Name: Brain_Properties.jpg, Views: 47, Size: 301.42 KB

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