Version 9.0.129

October 29, 2016

New Features
  • (#3077)   User should be asked if they would like to open an imported Brain upon completion
  • (#2602)   TheBrain Update Service on Windows Malware/Virus Detection Problems
  • (#3050)   Duplicated Thought Types in a Brain Imported from V8
  • (#3061)   Strange behavior when last viewed Thought is forgotten and brain is re-opened
  • (#3083)   Clicking a link search result that is a type results in a crash
  • (#3087)   macOS: Application is not signed
  • (#3088)   Import dialog is hard to understand
  • (#3089)   Import should not abort when an error inserting or updating an entity happens
  • (#3090)   Clear duplicate links when re-linking Thoughts
  • (#3091)   Selecting two links consecutively causes a crash

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