More powerful search, support for high-contrast inverted colors schemes, and more.


Version 9.0.130

November 1, 2016

New Features
  • (#3027)   Ability to search multiple words in Notes and Attachments in any order
  • (#3095)   Use "-" to indicate words to avoid in search results
  • (#3080)   Ability to copy a Thought ID to clipboard
  • (#3066)   Windows: Inverted high contrast color scheme results in unreadable text for many UI elements
  • (#3073)   Clicking Thought icon in PTL or pins sometimes does not open attachment
  • (#3097)   Forgotten Thoughts do not show connections when first activated from report
  • (#3099)   Sometimes fails to start due to corrupt image downloaded from Gravatar
  • (#3103)   Reports: Highlight of item under the mouse disappears immediately
  • (#3106)   Windows: No way to back to login screen from create account screen

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