Version 9.0.137

November 21, 2016

  • New Features
    • (#2967)   New preference setting for "Copy file into Brain" on drag and drop
    • (#3215)   Extend function of "Show Common Children" to "Show Common Descendants"
    • (#3237)   Auto-width-adjusting Thought Properties Dialog
    • (#3242)   If user attempts to skip the first login, warn them that login is required to enable the free trial.
    • (#3214)   Create a map of Guid changes made during an import of a V8 Brain
      • After an import from is completed, inside the Brain folder (one level above a thought folder), there are now two files, GuidMapThoughts.txt and GuidMapLinks.txt. These files contain one line per thought/link which has on it the version 8 Guid followed by the new Guid separated by a comma.
  • Fixes
    • (#3213)   Drag and drop stops working after application update
    • (#3216)   After application update, Notes do not behave properly
    • (#3222)   Drag and drop of folder does not work when preference is set to move
    • (#3226)   Choosing 'Upgrade Now' causes an error/crash
    • (#3227)   Launching TheBrain for the first time shows the Upgrade to TheBrain Pro window.
    • (#3239)   Generic avatar icon is not visible on a dark background
    • (#3240)   ContentView.UpdateContentAreaIfChanged can cause null exception
    • (#3243)   Disabling the embedded browser should not disable PDF preview



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