Version 9.0.144

December 11, 2016

  • New Features
    • (#3313) Button to swap the plex and content panes (also bindable to keyboard)
  • Fixes
    • (#3047) A forgotten Thought should not be settable as the home Thought
    • (#3157) Hidden Ordering System should be hidden in Search Web Feature
    • (#3168) Not recognizing free license upgrade to TheBrain 9
    • (#3257) macOS: Attachment search results are sometimes slow to appear
    • (#3258) macOS: Applying a license "requires" two logins.
    • (#3276) Formatting is applied to multiple lines on imported v8 Notes
    • (#3280) License owners who do not qualify for a free TB9 upgrade do not get a free trial
    • (#3295) Keyboard bindings are unclear for sorting brains and arranging thoughts
    • (#3330) macOS: Attachment context command "Copy to Icon" no longer available for PDFs
    • (#3303) Crash when trying to quit TheBrain
    • (#3306) macOS: File names with umlaut are added more than once when dragged and dropped.
    • (#3333) Notes Editor typing delay
    • (#3335) PDF with "#" in the file name will not display a preview
    • (#3338) Brain Statistics - Internal file size not displayed correctly for GB.

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