Version 9.0.147

January 20, 2017

  • New Features
    • (#3380) Streamlined video previews of YouTube and Vimeo links
  • Fixes
    • (#3108) Hidden ordering prefixes are copied into text outlines
    • (#3127) After upgrading, it should not be necessary to log out and back in in order to unlock new features
    • (#3218) Default Keyboard shortcuts for switching Brain Tabs and Content are not working
    • (#3223) Youtube URLs continue to play in background after hovering
    • (#3230) Deleting a focused Thought in Mind Map View leads to crash
    • (#3343) Return/Enter key should open thought properties even when click active thought is set to "do nothing"
    • (#3347) Arrows graphic for "Swap Plex and Notes" should be vertical when panes are over/under
    • (#3350) Changes to link type are not displayed until a new thought is activated
    • (#3365) Large PDF attachments can crash TheBrain when attempting to preview
    • (#3371) Windows: Attachments cannot be found based on file name
    • (#3374) Disambiguation of thought names in search does not work when hidden ordering prefix is used
    • (#3376) Last row of brain icons should be centered
    • (#3381) Notes and/or Note Toolbar disappear while typing
    • (#3382) Fuzzy arrow icon in the Smart Splitter
    • (#3393) Creation date of file moved via drag and drop into Brain is reset
    • (#3063) Cursor jumps lines on text in Notes with <BR/> tags
    • (#3341) Notes: Shift+Return does not work with spellcheck sometimes

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