This release fixes some bugs with the calendar and adds functionality to the back, forward, and middle mouse buttons.

Version 9.0.150

February 10, 2017

  • New Features
    • (#2862) Enable the back/forward mouse buttons for navigation
    • (#3464) Event tab should be sized to fit, like the notes tab when content tabs are side by side
    • (#3471) Allow keyboard shortcuts for timeline toolbar commands
    • (#3472) Preference to start weeks on Monday instead of Sunday
    • (#3473) Toggle "expand all" when in the normal plex view using the middle mouse button
  • Fixes
    • (#3460) "Never Synced from this Computer" is not accurate
    • (#3461) MergeSyncs error when attempting to sync and events exist
    • (#3462) Windows: Plex is frozen after deleting a Timeline event
    • (#3463) Scrolling past year 0 in timeline leads to crash
    • (#3465) Events tab in content area should not display if notes are present
    • (#3467) Popup dialogs should be more opaque
    • (#3468) Windows: Event context menu disappears immediately
    • (#3469) Event colors do not sync



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