Version 9.0.153

February 15, 2017

  • Fixes
    • (#3500) Windows: Error when attempting to view link properties
    • (#3501) Long attachment file name overwrites location in list view
    • (#3504) Main menus disappear if opened while using Notes, preventing Edit menu usage


Version 9.0.152

February 15, 2017

  • New Features
    • (#3480) Double click to launch attachment from list
    • (#3487) Click to edit names and locations of attachments in attachments list
    • (#3493) Create event for a thought/link via the thought/link context menu
    • (#3498) Tighter layout of toolbars
  • Fixes
    • (#3147) Sibling thoughts can get cut off when plex is displayed above the content area
    • (#3250) Error when using Paste Thoughts > Replace
    • (#3251) Drag and drop mouse cursor feedback does not match action and cannot be modified using Ctrl/Cmd/Alt/Shift keys
    • (#3254) Removed pin doesn't disappear immediately
    • (#3271) Cannot manually add unicode URL
    • (#3292) Unpin thought sometimes causes error
    • (#3453) Creating a link type cannot be undone
    • (#3454) Notes: Colors (fore and back) cannot be assigned to existing text
    • (#3483) Event list should show the year of each event and not show the day of week
    • (#3484) Event context menu should allow activating the attached thought or link
    • (#3499) Need better logging of events during sync for troubleshooting purposes

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