This release enhances the attachments list with support for previews, drag and drop, and more.

Version 9.0.155

February 23, 2017

  • Fixes
    • (#3533) Renamed attachment in list view does not show changes immediately
    • (#3534) Attachment tabs are no longer aligned after drag and drop out
    • (#3540) Move file in/out of brain command does not make the shortcut icon in the attachment tab appear/disappear immediately


Version 9.0.154

February 22, 2017

  • New Features
    • (#992) Drag and drop of attachments from content tabs to Finder/Explore/Browser/TheBrain
    • (#3418) Drag attachment tab into plex to create a new Thought
    • (#3478) Drag and drop to, from, and within the attachments list
    • (#3494) Preview of attachments in the attachments list
    • (#3506) Attachments tab UI improvements
    • (#3513) Attachments list multi-selection support for open and delete context menu commands
    • (#3528) Context menu for background of attachments list
    • (#3500) Windows: Error when attempting to view link properties
  • Fixes
    • (#1717) Clicking a thought icon to open an attachment while another attachments list is open shows the wrong list
    • (#3489) Context menu missing when editing an event from the attachments pane
    • (#3515) Drag and drop URL doesn't work when preferences are set to “Move dragged files”
    • (#3521) New event dialog window goes off screen
    • (#3524) macOS: Drag and drop of folder with a space at the end of the name to the plex results in error
    • (#3526) When events are present and there are many attachment tabs, the "more" button that lists hidden attachments does not function correctly.
    • (#3530) Event tab doesn't update



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