This release includes: Timeline/Events enhancements, macOS search improvements, and bug fixes.

Version 9.0.157

March 2, 2017

  • New Features
    • (#3572) Show long file names and locations completely (without trimming) when an attachment is being previewed and the file info is expanded
    • (#3573) Show event descriptions on events tab
    • (#3574) Activate thought or link attached to an event when clicked in timeline
    • (#3582) macOS: Multi-word attachment and notes search is more accurate and comprehensive
  • Fixes
    • (#3257) macOS: Attachment search results are sometimes slow to appear
    • (#3279) Unlink selection doesn't update screen for thought tags
    • (#3536) Detach from "" on event after associated thought is deleted
    • (#3537) Error when attempting to activate thought from an event where the thought was deleted
    • (#3553) Size of attachments list changes when update on hover is enabled
    • (#3560) macOS: Brain theme custom notes style color picker popup order problem
    • (#3566) Inconsistent naming of command to create event
    • (#3567) Error when activating deleted thought in Report

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