This version includes a major update to the syncing process that should makes it much more reliable. It also enables you to check on the sync status of your brain by clicking the small triangle next to the sync icon, which will now tell you if there are changes to be sent/received.

As part of these sync improvements, we have disabled syncing to the server from older versions of the client, so please upgrade ASAP. Thanks!

Version 9.0.167

April 17, 2017

  • New Features
    • (#3740) Sync redux for increased speed, reliability, and status reporting
    • (#3741) Toolbar icons for toggling report and timeline panes
  • Fixes
    • (#3238) Delete remote brain does not work
    • (#3708) Windows: Attachment list does not scroll
    • (#3717) Notes: Recent changes may be lost when switching to/from attachments list view
    • (#3732) Pressing Escape does not cancel linking to an existing thought
    • (#3733) Search is not as comprehensive as it could be in a large brain when common terms are mixed with more specific terms
    • (#3748) Issue when changes are made and syncs between two machines are done within a short timeframe
    • (#3749) Delete remote brain command should be disabled is user does not have admin access to a brain.
    • (#3755) When no changes exist on an automatic sync, notification should not be shown

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