Please update to this version immediately as it includes an important fix for missing data when restoring from a Brain Archive (.brz) file.

Version 9.0.175

April 28 2017

  • Fixes
    • (#3797) Problems during import are not reported to the user sometimes
    • (#3798) Windows: Clicking buttons on welcome screen does not work

Version 9.0.174

April 28 2017

  • Fixes
    • (#2010) File association for BRZ is missing (Machine doesn't recognize .brz files)
    • (#3433) macOS: Keyboard shortcut for Keyboard Focus to Notes does not move cursor when TPD is open
    • (#3438) Pressing Esc key saves 'some' edits in TPD
    • (#3443) Should remember the last location for saving BRZ archives
    • (#3445) Crash when attaching a YouTube URL that contain second/minute marker.
    • (#3570) Label sometimes replaces name when pressing Esc key
    • (#3786) Error when hovering over a non active thought with URL attachment
    • (#3790) Sync settings toolbar button should be enabled as soon as the first sync is completed
    • (#3792) When thoughts are copied and pasted, each group of separate thoughts should be linked to the destination thought via the most recently active thought in the group
    • (#3794) Import from BRZ does not restore any attachments
    • (#3795) Type to filter brains list leads to crash

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