Version 9.0.179

May 4, 2017

  • Fixes
    • (#3244) macOS: Copy/paste of attachment with many subfolders leads to crash
    • (#3346) Startup/Welcome brain
    • (#3564) Import Brain 8 XML - internal attachments are lost
    • (#3835) File type icons for .brz files on Windows and macOS


Version 9.0.178

May 4, 2017

  • Fixes
    • (#2714) Notes: Unable to close the Find & Replace window
    • (#3241) Undo of drag and drop of folder does not work properly
    • (#3836) Notes may fail to sync due to multiple note attachment records
    • (#3837) Thought icon inherited from type does not show when pasted to another brain
    • (#3839) Pasting a thought instance and its type at the same time fails


Version 9.0.177

May 3, 2017

  • Fixes
    • (#2010) File association for BRZ is missing (Machine doesn't recognize .brz files)
    • (#3798) Windows: Clicking buttons on welcome screen does not work
    • (#3814) Windows: Notes toolbar is not vertically centered
    • (#3815) Windows: Add attachment buttons are too tall and need to be spaced apart
    • (#3816) Excluded search term does not remove attachment results where name of thought includes an excluded term
    • (#3820) Windows: Welcome screen does not show
    • (#3828) Excluded terms should not affect results if excluded term occurs in the middle of a word


Version 9.0.176

May 2, 2017

  • Fixes
    • (#3241) Undo of drag and drop of folder does not work properly
    • (#3613) Add attachment widget does not work well when space available is not tall enough
    • (#3777) Problem syncing notes
    • (#3791) Sub attachments are lost while importing brz
    • (#3800) Mac: Files/Folders are locked by default when importing a BrainZip
    • (#3801) External attached file links are lost on import from TB8
    • (#3802) Undo "Rename Attachment" does not work
    • (#3804) If delete Brain fails due to being in use, progress message never disappears
    • (#3805) System should check for existing Brain before conversion/import

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