This release fixes many bugs. Most notably, notes editor cursor jumping issues and image insertion issues. Also worth mentioning is the ability to recover from a backup/restore without needing the meta database folder.

Finally, if anyone is curious what the new user experience is like, try selecting "Create a Quick-Start Brain" from the Help menu to view some of the new tutorial videos featuring TheBrain 9.

As always, thanks to everyone here on the forums for your suggestions and help tracking down issues!

Version 9.0.183

May 19, 2017

  • New Features
    • (#1859) Fade out the status notification when it is not in use
    • (#2690) Ability to recover Brains from Brains folder without metaDB
    • (#3874) Enable selection of existing Brains folder and subsequent recovery of brain and user meta information
    • (#3863) Allow all users to create a Quick-Start Brain via Help menu
  • Fixes
    • (#2827) "Move File into Brain" causes crash if file is open on Windows
    • (#3092) Windows: Application is not signed
    • (#3101) Selection Color setting adjustments
    • (#3183) Images in notes sometimes get lost
    • (#3228) Custom Thought Icons are not copied with Thought when copying from a downloaded Brain.
    • (#3405) macOS: Crash when Web link contains special characters
    • (#3602) Inconsistent behavior with selecting Thought Types/Tags in menus
    • (#3603) Renaming an attachment with a long file name will remove file extension
    • (#3624) When notes are hidden via keyboard shortcut, focus should go to search
    • (#3643) Delete multiple Thoughts from selection box can result in error
    • (#3675) Windows: New type/tag dialog box should not be a top level window
    • (#3747) Spotify URI detection
    • (#3829) Sync fails due to insert failure on server
    • (#3833) Clicking on a .brz file while the application is open is not working.
    • (#3847) Enter URL does not close/cancel
    • (#3848) Thought does not rename based on dragged URL attachment when system is running slower than normal
    • (#3849) Windows: Crash when dragging a tab into its own window.
    • (#3858) Windows: When display scale > 100%, popup menus connected to buttons appear too low
    • (#1478) macOS: Window controls do not look correct
    • (#1479) macOS: on green window control icon should change option immediately
    • (#3541) Move File Into Brain causes Unexpected Error when internal attachment with same name exists
    • (#3584) Copying and pasting a file with a long name does not work
    • (#3840) Attachments on links are not pasted
    • (#3862) When access control for a Brain does not include current user, no useful message is given at import
    • (#3875) Delete attachment records that are missing from folder only if deletion event is received
    • (#3764) Sync should be disabled when user does not have Pro Services
    • (#3866) Undo-Redo operations for Move Attachment into/out of brain do not work
    • (#3883) FileNotFoundException importing BRZ
    • (#3857) Mac: .DS_Store file available in Add Attachments
    • (#3859) Deleted Events remain in Events Tab.
    • (#3864) Import of some v8 Brains not working
    • (#3870) First character of web links is missing after a .brainzip import
    • (#3879) Error message on syncs when window is narrow
    • (#3890) On import from TB8, deleted attachments are unnecessarily added to orphaned attachments list
    • (#3283) Notes image problems
      • (#3819) macOS: Paste of image from clipboard to notes does not work sometimes
      • (#3824) macOS: Drag and drop of image file from Finder to notes does not work
      • (#2306) Drag image fails when Notes Editor toolbar is hidden(#3604) Windows: Attachment renamed via Explorer to longer than 150 characters via disappears without warning
      • (#2676) Windows: Copy/Paste of an image file into notes does not work
      • (#3809) Dragging image into notes should insert / attach it
      • (#3825) Paste of an image URL does not convert to an embedded image
      • (#3826) Windows: Drag and drop of an image file from Explorer does not work
      • (#3827) Drag and drop of image from browser does not work
    • (#3344) Notes: Text cursor “jumping”
      • (#3738) Notes Cursor jumping when typing many misspelled words at a (relatively) slow rate
      • (#3555) Copy/Paste a Thought into Notes - Cursor will jump
      • (#3562) Notes Editor: cursor jumping with bullet list + BR (shift+enter)

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