Version 9.0.188

May 25, 2017

  • New Features
    • (#1918) Thought context menu commands: Open in New Tab/Window
    • (#3898) Brain context menu to open in new window
    • (#3899) Content area context menu command to open content in a new window
  • Fixes
    • (#3806) Pins do not update in the Plex when a sync completes
    • (#3906) Windows: Immediate error on startup "Widget is already a child..."
    • (#3919) Multiple copies of the same Brain on one machine cause issues
    • (#3920) Notes Editor: Spell-check should not mark abbreviations as incorrect if in dictionary
    • (#3923) macOS: Login to existing account should set focus to password
    • (#3714) Notes Editor: Cursor jumps after pasting in a URL
    • (#3780) If the same error happens repeatedly when attempting an automatic sync, only show the first time
    • (#3793) Paste thoughts as outline does not refresh the display
    • (#3796) Unusual characters in a file name fail to sync as well as restore
    • (#3895) Various errors caused by select brain screen
    • (#3897) New windows sometimes appear exactly on top of an existing window
    • (#3906) Windows: Immediate error on startup "Widget is already a child..."
    • (#3907) Temporarily disable right-click in the Attachment web view on Windows
    • (#3908) Brain Archive with Link Types imported into an existing Brain causes errors
    • (#3911) Deleting an attachment via the context menu of the content area causes error
    • (#3912) After import of BRZ into existing brain, display is not refreshed
    • (#3913) First download of a Brain with internal file Attachments has warnings about unauthorized file access
    • (#3915) Notifications build up and cannot be dismissed if you change the import destination from new to existing brain

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