Version 9.0.189

May 26, 2017

  • New Features
    • (#3253) Show thought name on brain tab at all times
  • Fixes
    • (#2366) Renaming an image attachment that is being used as the thought icon makes the icon disappear
    • (#3096) Windows: Error verifying Windows file search should be more informative
    • (#3356) Cmd/Ctrl-O triggers opening both notes and attachment if notes has focus
    • (#3370) macOS: Notes loses focus when using Apple Dictation
    • (#3391) Paste Outline - URL favicons are not appearing
    • (#3587) Note indicator icon in plex is often missing from imported thoughts
    • (#3597) Thoughts created from folder import do not get icons based on their contents
    • (#3722) New thoughts created via keyboard are linked to Pin rather than active Thought
    • (#3884) Renaming file used as thought icon breaks the icon
    • (#3903) Thought icon's shortcut indicator does not update after moving file in/out of brain
    • (#3927) Open in New Window appears twice in keyboard shortcuts list
    • (#3929) New Tab/Window opens in a new and incorrect layout
    • (#3930) New Tab/Window causes plex/content splitter to stop working
    • (#3931) Canceling addition of a duplicate URL causes error
    • (#3933) If icons are missing/inaccurate, they should be updated on activation
    • (#3937) Keyboard shortcut to activate deleted pin causes error
    • (#3939) BRZConverter should handle precomposed vs. decomposed file name issues
    • (#3941) It should not be possible to activate a forgotten pin via keyboard unless forgotten thoughts are on

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