Version 9.0.191

June 2, 2017

  • New Features
    • (#2510) Add search box to Keyboard Shortcut window
    • (#3752) Keyboard shortcut list Expand/Collapse button
  • Fixes
    • (#1696) Cannot set keyboard accelerators using the ] key
    • (#2972) Keyboard shortcut list - text for actual shortcut is not centered
    • (#3145) macOS: Preferences > Keyboard - loading, editing and navigating is slow
    • (#3396) Using keyboard shortcut to "Forget" Thought is not working
    • (#3558) Attachments as a List - new attachment display order and selection issues
    • (#3620) Drag and drop of multiple files attaches to the wrong Thought
    • (#3745) Pins are not imported sometimes from version 8
    • (#3807) Link labels should not show up in Link/Create Thought search
    • (#3808) Link Properties Dialog - makes sound when dismissed, and Esc does not cancel
    • (#3842) macOS: Hangs for several seconds after first search
    • (#3872) Error while importing certain .mm files
    • (#3922) Notes: (Rare) Notes stops working until tab is closed and re-opened
    • (#3940) Archives should be created on an entry-by-entry basis
    • (#3947) New Events not attached to a Thought
    • (#3950) Copy attachment out of brain should not make attachment external
    • (#3956) BRZ creation/sync fails due to duplicate attachment
    • (#3957) Collapse All button on Keyboard Shortcuts can turn the screen black
    • (#3954) Occasional NRE when refreshing calendar events

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