This release makes the recent changes function (accessed via the clock icon in the toolbar) produce a complete listing of changes over the last two weeks. It also includes several other improvements and important fixes.

Version 9.0.195

July 1, 2017

  • New Features
    • (#3959) Notes: Paste URL while selection exists adds URL as a link to the selected text
    • (#4001) Differentiate links from thoughts in search results and recent changes lists
    • (#4002) Recent changes shows a complete list of changes made within the last 14 days
    • (#4005) Windows: Support for touch interaction
    • (#4004) Embedded preview of SVG attachments
  • Fixes
    • (#1801) When an attachment is modified, the file attachment info should update
    • (#3098) Copy/Paste between Notes loses format.
    • (#3285) Plex: Selection scroll settings are not reset when selection is cleared
    • (#3331) Multiple image attachments should result in first image being used as the icon
    • (#3395) Note indicator icon does not appear on some thoughts
    • (#3507) Cannot move pins in Outline and Mind Map layouts
    • (#3656) Windows: Drag and drop from existing attachment into the plex does not work sometimes
    • (#3676) Clicking on a search result also clicks behind the search results
    • (#3681) Capture Image feature - issue with a scaled monitor
    • (#3682) Windows: Top of TheBrain window can go offscreen
    • (#3743) macOS: Menu command to exit full screen mode does not show correctly in menu
    • (#3770) [Tab], [Enter] key sequence to create a new thought from search box does not work
    • (#3851) Recent changes does not show the most recent change if the change is done to an attachment
    • (#3852) Option to resend activation email
    • (#3882) Windows: Drag and drop of image file using icon inside content tab results in crash
    • (#3914) Paste text outline as thoughts is not undoable
    • (#3966) Notes/content should never update on hover while notes have focus
    • (#3969) Windows: Capture image command issues when there are multiple monitors with different scales
    • (#3973) Windows: Dragging an external file results in a move of that file if dropped to a new location on the same drive
    • (#3974) Windows: Dragging an internal file results in a move of that file if dropped to a new location on the same drive
    • (#3975) File search should not return icon.png files
    • (#3976) Notes indicator is sometimes inaccurate
    • (#3984) Notes: “Stuck” notes (gives the appearance that one note “clobbers” the navigated-to note)
    • (#3989) Text link controls do not render correctly on macOS
    • (#3990) Windows: No search results for notes and attachments
    • (#3991) TPD: Error when switching label/name and name is empty
    • (#3996) Select related thoughts: problems with 'Exclude thoughts with other parents'
    • (#3997) Select related thoughts should not crawl types and tags
    • (#4006) Windows: Wallpaper images are not shown at full resolution on double resolution displays
    • (#4008) Brain is unresponsive after deleting an Event
    • (#4010) Error when using an invalid login
    • (#4013) Paste thoughts sometimes results in error

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