Version 9.0.201

July 11, 2017

  • New Features
    • (#4051) Search of events (both event summary and description)
    • (#4052) Hold down Shift while selecting a search result to activate it without dismissing the search results
  • Fixes
    • (#3115) Some exceptions are not logged
    • (#3685) Event indicator icon on thought does not update immediately when event is added/removed via undo/redo
    • (#3909) When selecting a new location for the brains folder, moving the brains should not move other folders in that location
    • (#3924) Windows: Update process does not restart and update itself sometimes
    • (#3992) Resetting password does not work
    • (#4009) Moving or Resizing Brain window while editing existing weekly event deletes event
    • (#4030) Windows: Notification message flashes prior to fading
    • (#4032) Create dialog, select existing thought, then edit name should create a new thought, not link to existing
    • (#4033) Error on opening Brain in BrainContext.GetCalendarEvents
    • (#4049) When beta expires, web page to download a new version should be opened
    • (#4050) When importing from an old BRZ, ExchangeFormatVersion is set to 3, causing an exception

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