Version 9.0.206

July 22, 2017

  • New Features
    • (#4112) Improved parsing of web site favicon location
  • Fixes
    • (#2826) Some web links yield an empty icon
    • (#3035) Small images (such as emoji) in notes should not scale up beyond their original size
    • (#3148) Missing icon for attachment
    • (#3967) Windows: “Invalid PDF structure” message shows after hovering another thought
    • (#4039) Pasting in search box after notes are active and while search results are visible pastes into notes instead
    • (#4086) Windows: Ctrl+V does not work to paste text into the internal browser
    • (#4093) .brainzip (or _brain) cannot be imported due to very long names used with an internal folder
    • (#4095) Notes asset has absolute path after undo of delete
    • (#4097) "No account found" error report generated on startup
    • (#4109) macOS: Flashing white boxes when popups (search results, TPD, etc) are appearing
    • (#4111) Ability to check for problems that may prevent syncs and other data integrity issues

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