Version 9.0.213

August 19, 2017

  • New Features
    • (#1834) macOS: Improved DMG installer window
    • (#4185) "Import" and "Export" of brain themes
    • (#4190) Snap to 5 minute increments in timeline when zoomed in close
  • Fixes
    • (#4045) Blank web page opens after setting up a Google Account
    • (#4118) Restart message after upgrading should say "TheBrain"
    • (#4126) Thoughts with folder attachments cannot be deleted
    • (#4131) Events from V8 Brain (BrainZip or .brain file) are not imported
    • (#4171) Windows: Drag to create a new thought does not work on 2nd Monitor
    • (#4186) Opening an attachment when plex has never been visible causes an error
    • (#4192) Multiple themes with the same name cause error
    • (#4193) Importing theme problems
    • (#4194) Exporting theme problems
    • (#4196) Brain Theme: first time switching to Custom should show "(Default)" style in font dropdown
    • (#4203) Clicking icon of Thought with 8 or more attachments results in error
    • (#4204) Windows: Installer should include TheBrain icon
    • (#4205) Error importing calendar events from TheBrain 8
    • (#4210) BRZ and BrainTheme file types should not include "9" in them or their descriptions
    • (#4211) Delete of brain theme does not work

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