Version 9.0.215

August 31, 2017

  • New Features
    • (#3081) Search by Thought or link ID
    • (#4244) Improved search of Chinese/Japanese/Korean text
  • Fixes
    • (#3945) Windows: Search does not work when Windows language is not running in English
    • (#4149) Preferences: Error when adjusting thought spacing without a brain open
    • (#4162) Windows: Error while importing a V8 Brain
    • (#4212) Windows: Double-click on a .brz or .BrainTheme file when app is closed results in a dialog that cannot be closed easily since it is offscreen
    • (#4237) Event reminders are not imported from V8
    • (#4241) Dismissing reminders sometimes doesn't work
    • (#4242) Empty location on an imported calendar event may cause sync to fail
    • (#4247) macOS: Menu on sometimes displays Thought and View menus when no brain is open

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