Version 9.0.219

September 22, 2017

  • New Features
    • (#4257) Assigns a random theme automatically when a new brain is created
  • Fixes
    • (#4153) Application is crashing due to file lengths over 260 characters on Windows
    • (#4214) Notes: Image can't be resized
    • (#4233) Google Calendar settings window does not immediately populate
    • (#4280) Copy Thought from Brain of an account (or local-only Brain) to Brain of another account results in error
    • (#4282) In a rare case, importing from TheBrain 8 can lead to an encoding exception
    • (#4285) Notes does not refresh after deleting the active Thought
    • (#4286) Deleting an event that hasn't finished creating should not be possible
    • (#4295) Remove usage of HIToolbox framework on macOS
    • (#4301) Occasional KeyNotFoundException when attempting to import a brain from version 8
    • (#4303) Occasional InvalidOperationException when attempting to import a brain from version 8
    • (#4304) Misspelling in calendar series adjustment menu
    • (#4318) macOS: DMG background is low resolution

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