This release resolves issues experienced on some Windows installs where TheBrain would not start since version 9.0.227.

Version 9.0.229

November 13, 2017

  • Fixes
    • (#1225) Distant Thoughts view: Thought that is both forgotten and distant should show at 25% opacity
    • (#2002) Distant Thoughts view: Distant Thoughts should display at 100% opacity on mouse over
    • (#3221) Distant Thoughts view: Distant thought size is too small
    • (#3668) Distant Thoughts view: Layout truncates thoughts with jumps
    • (#4437) Protocols with dashes in them are not recognized
    • (#4440) Import of BRZ sometimes fails if the user is not logged in
    • (#4443) Distant Thoughts view: Icons for distant thoughts should be faded, just like text
    • (#4444) Empty spot in siblings list where active thought would be
    • (#4447) Windows: TheBrain 9.0.227/228 will not start on some computers

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