Version 9.0.240

January 18, 2018

  • New Features
    • (#4567) Access tutorials from Help menu
  • Fixes
    • (#4565) Should not be able to save reports with same name
    • (#4566) Saved reports settings should include sort order
    • (#4569) macOS: Resizing plex with pinch gesture is laggy/chunky
    • (#4577) Selection can not be copied if keyboard focus is not in the search box
    • (#4580) Import of BRZ fails when an attachment folder is referenced twice
    • (#4581) "Select Related Thoughts" should not be part of the selection context menu
    • (#4583) Default location of Brains folder should not be inside of Documents
    • (#4584) Sync fails when temp directories cannot be deleted
    • (#4587) Quick-Start Brains have no notes and icons
    • (#4592) Backup to Brain Archive fails if the specified containing folder does not exist



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