This release makes online functionality more easily accessible with the "Online" menu. Also includes significant stability improvements for macOS.

Version 9.0.244

February 2, 2018

  • New Features
    • (#4644) "Online" menu consolidating all commands related to Cloud Services
    • (#4645) Command to open Thought in web client
  • Fixes
    • (#4548) macOS: When monitors change, sometimes the plex stops drawing
    • (#4628) Error when resizing window to be very narrow
    • (#4629) Keyboard shortcut to activate pin when no brain is open causes error
    • (#4631) macOS: Maximize/Restore window via double click does not always work
    • (#4632) macOS: Sometimes when window is restored via double click, the window becomes extremely small
    • (#4633) macOS: Entering fullscreen mode with multiple monitors attached can lead to crash
    • (#4635) Localization string missing during first use preparation
    • (#4636) If a thought is opened in a new tab via the a keyboard shortcut including the "shift" key, the first use preparation happens
    • (#4638) Missing or corrupt brains should not be clickable
    • (#4639) Brain database and meta files should only be created when appropriate
    • (#4647) After an endpoint update, cloud communication may fail until app restart

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