Version 9.0.248

February 16, 2018

  • New Features
    • (#4668) Secure sharing of Brains via email address (Online > Brain Access and Sharing)
    • (#4706) New command: Copy Web Thought URL
  • Fixes
    • (#3650) Pasted local thought URL is not named correctly when pasted into a different Brain or into notes
    • (#4508) Theme change should have just one Undo/Redo action
    • (#4634) Having a wallpaper attachment but not the image file itself causes exception in Brain Theme Dialog
    • (#4678) Windows: Enter key twice on Quick Create button creates two thoughts instead of creating and then opening properties
    • (#4687) "Show in Explorer" does not work if file path has a comma in it
    • (#4691) Renames and color changes are not logged to history in 9.0.246
    • (#4699) Notes does not work sometimes (toolbar never opens and notes do not load)

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