Version 9.0.254

March 9, 2018

  • New Features
    • (#4709) Easier to understand "Improper Shutdown Detected" dialog
    • (#4736) If not logged in, show a dark avatar in top right corner instead of light avatar
  • Fixes
    • (#3198) Windows: Portrait images take on an iPhone show as landscape in the plex and in the image preview
    • (#4383) Changes detected to files that were not made just after initial download completed
    • (#4582) macOS: Can't drag & drop attachment to TheBrain when in full-screen
    • (#4589) Rotate splitter keyboard shortcut has different results from clicking the button
    • (#4627) Do not attempt to paste XML data from TheBrain v8 as a text outline
    • (#4630) Windows: Move File Into Brain quietly fails if file is open
    • (#4705) Event color picker can go off screen
    • (#4730) Windows: Image pasted from a note in another thought/brain is dependent on source image
    • (#4731) macOS: Keyboard modifier to move file during drag and drop doesn't work
    • (#4735) Pasting a large amount of text into the search box can lead to crash
    • (#4747) Detect and fix images loading via file:// protocol within notes
    • (#4748) Windows: Thought icons based on external image attachments do not display
    • (#4752) Windows: External images are not downloading and embedding when HTML pasted into notes
    • (#4757) Problem parsing Guid during DeleteUnusedNotesAssetAttachments causes notes not to save
    • (#4759) Notes: Detect and fix images that are not locally stored when notes are loaded



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