Has annybody allready used thebrain for an E-book ?
Can you explain a little bit more about what you mean?

A couple of years ago I did try embedding a Version 8 brain I created as a training tool for clients into an ebook-style interface they could access on their desktops. However, after just a few months of use, I ran into a problem that required creating a new GUID, and that completely broke the desktop access for my users.

This pretty much discouraged any more effort in this direction. However, with a stable GUID and a link in the ebook with details about how to download a new version (if the GUID needed to be changed), I suppose it might still work.

However, my main concern now is that the vast majority of potential readers are switching to the use of mobile devices for ebook reading -- and the epub and mobi (Kindle) formats increasingly seem to be the default/preferred ebook formats these days.

In addition, other more sophisticated digital formats for digital ebooks, such as Kotobee, often provide a more much interactive and visually appealing format than could ever be achieved with TheBrain, IMHO.

In light of this, I will be very interested to learn more about what you had in mind.

In addition, just to clarify, I'm not sure how TB9 could be used in/as an ebook since the webbrain interface is not yet fully functional. Is there a reason you asked about TB9 in particular, instead of TB8?

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