Has annybody allready used thebrain for an E-book ?
Can you explain a little bit more about what you mean?

A couple of years ago I did try embedding a Version 8 brain I created as a training tool for clients into an ebook-style interface they could access on their desktops. However, after just a few months of use, I ran into a problem that required creating a new GUID, and that completely broke the desktop access for my users.

This pretty much discouraged any more effort in this direction. However, with a stable GUID and a link in the ebook with details about how to download a new version (if the GUID needed to be changed), I suppose it might still work.

However, my main concern now is that the vast majority of potential readers are switching to the use of mobile devices for ebook reading -- and the epub and mobi (Kindle) formats increasingly seem to be the default/preferred ebook formats these days.

In addition, other more sophisticated digital formats for digital ebooks, such as Kotobee, often provide a more much interactive and visually appealing format than could ever be achieved with TheBrain, IMHO.

In light of this, I will be very interested to learn more about what you had in mind.

In addition, just to clarify, I'm not sure how TB9 could be used in/as an ebook since the webbrain interface is not yet fully functional. Is there a reason you asked about TB9 in particular, instead of TB8?
Hi, Metta! It was so nice to receive your warm welcome back into the community (even though it's been almost 2 week since it arrived, for which I apologize.) My thought at the time, if I am remembering correctly, was to dig into TB9 and explore it as a book designer, in the sense of a book structuring tool. It seemed to be promising more in the way of book architecture than Scrivener.

My more basic issues with TB8--especially with respect to loss of data--made me decide to just leave it alone and see if it would survive its childhood. I am hopeful, and will be digging. I hope I can interest you in joining me in this examination, to the extent you find it interesting.

Your thoughts about the format issues agree with mine.

Let's talk more!

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I'm not sure you could write the entire book *inside* but you could certainly do the notes and worldbuild in it. This is what I am using the trial to figure out if it is possible. Instead of just using it as a simple mindmap, I'm trying to also use it as the worldbuild file. All the research, links, documents, etc, linked to within the brain. Easier to search and keep organized as well as re-use in another novel.

I've picked one I need to kick start as my test. I've inserted research links and notes, checklists, etc. I'm having fun although it isn't quite the mindmap I had hoped it would be.
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Thank you, Joel, for your warm and welcome feedback -- and my apologies in getting back with you on this ebook discussion. (I recently injured my back, and I'm just now beginning to get caught up with my backlog of online/email follow-up.)

I am definitely interested in exploring these ebook possibilities further, and will be very interested in learning more about your experience using TB9.

FWIW, my own use of TB9 is currently limited to working with several test brains since:
> TB9 is still missing several key features upon which I rely heavily (including customized note formatting and tables) and
> I'm still dealing with some pretty significant bugs in TB9 (sync issues, problems with images and links in notes, disappearing notes, etc.)

However, I'm hopeful these issues will (eventually) be resolved -- and, in the meantime, I'm particularly interested in exploring the possibility of using TB9's new desktop sharing feature to create subscription access for brain users.

Admittedly, all the subscription sign-ups would need to be managed manually, which might be a deal killer for some, but the idea intrigues me nonetheless.

Thank you too, Paula, for sharing your feedback about your writing experiments in TB. I'll be interested in learning more about how this process is going for you -- and, in the meantime, may I assume you've been working with a trial of TB9? If so, how has the trial been going for you?
The trial is going well! It will take a few more months to save up for the full version.

Meanwhile, I am inputting all of my world build notes, links, thoughts, et cetera. Being able to link research between projects (such as books in a series) is great! And it surprised me how much of my research can be recycled into another project.

It has been easy to locate articles of notes but it did not take long before I implemented the "pin" and search functions.
Take a deep breath and count to zen.
Great! So glad to hear this is working for you.

My experience with TB has been similar:
> Love the potential for cross linking between multiple projects
> Search is invaluable
> I continue to find valuable new ways of using pins.

Do keep us posted, and let us know when you get closer to publication! ;-)

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