For those of you interested in the development process of TheBrain 9:


Good stuff, thanks for sharing the process and focus, it helps get a better sense of the direction and reasons (and challenges). [smile]
macOS 10.13
TheBrain 9.0.250
A dedicated team started working on TheBrain 9 at the same time as work began on TheBrain 8. After a year of development version 8 was ready for release and it seemed like the new code for version 9 was well on the way to replicating the core features of TheBrain. The team that worked on version 8 was now able to reinforce the version 9 team. We thought we might be done in another year. Two years at most. But the devil, and the beauty I’d argue, really is in the details. All of the small seemingly innocuous options and little things that the software does may seems like minor adjustments and adornments but in reality they probably took up over 80% of the development time. Now that it is finally ready for release we’ve worked on TheBrain 9 for well over 5 years.
When the preview version of TB9 was introduced in December 2015, it was practically unusable. I didn't realize that there had already been more than three years of development.
The move away from Java was a huge investment for us as a company and a significant risk.... But thankfully it has all worked out. 
It's not clear to me that "it has all worked out". Yes, it was a good idea to redesign and rebuild the software. The interface is cleaner and the performance is better. But, it seems that the required resources (money, people, expertise) were not available so the development has been limited: Several TB8 features were removed rather than improved (Calendar, Expanded Views, Virtual Thoughts) and several others have been delayed, e.g. Saved Reports, printing, integration with Google Calendar. I've never seen any other software where the new version had so many features missing in comparison to the previous version. 

TheBrain is unique so I am still using it for some specialized projects. I'm waiting for new features and more of the desktop features in the iOS app and in Webbrain.
Thank you for sharing your feedback, Cerebrum. I share many of your questions and reservations.

For example, I am still experiencing quite a few relatively significant bugs which I will try to document in the days ahead. These bugs are significant enough that it is still not feasible for me to transition into TB9.

In addition, my current work flow now relies so heavily on so many features from TB8 that have not yet made their way into TB9, that even when these bugs are eventually ironed out, I will probably still continue using TB8 for the foreseeable future.

That said, Harlan's interview has been very helpful in clarifying the complexity and enormity of the task of rebuilding TheBrain from the ground up. I understand the developers are in the midst of a monumental and challenging task, and I am grateful for their endurance and fortitude in plugging away with the work on TB9.

I also heartily agree with Harlan that "the hardest part of creating TheBrain 9 has been living up to TheBrain 8". TB8 is a remarkably robust and feature-rich application, and I've never been so fond of (and dependent upon) any other software in my life.

I continue to hold out hope that many of the missing features from the TB8 will eventually be brought forward into TB9, and I thank the staff for all the work they have been doing to document these feature requests.

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