I notice TheBrain 9 is slower than TheBrain 8.
When hoovering over lists of thoughts the GUI response is not keeping up.
Anyone else is experiencing that?


TheBrain Pro Edition | Java 1.8.0 build 161 | Windows 10
Beta testing TheBrain 9

Thank you for posting.  TheBrain 9 should be significantly FASTER than version 8 - sorry to hear that you have encountered this issue.  After you experiences a slow response in TheBrain 9, please grab a copy of your Output.log file and send it into support@thebrain.com.  You can find this file by clicking on Help > Open Log Directory in TheBrain.  We'll take a closer look to see if we can find the cause of the lag you've experienced.

Additionally, you do have the option to turn off the update of the content window when hovering over a Thought. Click on Options > Preferences > UI tab and uncheck the box for "Update displayed content on hover"

Thank you,
Matt Caton
A video recording of what you are seeing would be helpful also if you can provide one.

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