This Theme is based on the Material Theme and inspired by the Material Theme for Sublime Text.

In case you want to use the Color Palette (for Thought Types and Tags), this is what I have:
  • Red: #FF5370
  • Pink: #f07178
  • Orange: #F78C6C
  • Yellow: #FFCB6B
  • Green: #C3E88D
  • Pale Blue: #B2CCD6
  • Cyan: #89DDFF
  • Blue: #82AAFF
  • Purple: #C792EA
  • Violet: #bb80b3
  • Brown: #ab7967
  • Dark Blue: #263238
[Update]: Using Brainzip instead of Theme to make things easier. To save as theme, unzip and then import the Brainzip and then choose TheBrain > Brain Theme > Save. Color palette included.

The other TheBrain 9 themes I've posted:


macOS 10.13
TheBrain 9.0.239

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