Surely it is not TheBrain that we represent, but TheMind?

Hello there

A tongue-in-cheek provocation like this deserves an answer !

What brought me to mindpapping applications in general was FLEEING "standard" applications.
Let me explain :

- to handle text, you use a wordprocessor
- to handle numbers, you use a spreadsheet
- to handle photos, etcetera
- project management ...
- calendar ...

hence entire categories of specialised applications which, of necessity, force you to format your data to their data model.

I needed an application where I could :
1. "dump" any "idea" (whatever its data type)
2. link any "idea" to any other, non hierarchically
3. view the whole "landscape" as it evolved

I immediately liked TheBrain because of it's handling of points 1 and 2
Where is lacks, in my opinion, and to this day, it's in point 3.

MindMapping cannot just be a database - we have zillions of databases. The "mapping" part is fundamental.
A zoomable view of the map (from tree to entire forest) is fundamental.
  • TheBrain's Expanded view was a step in this direction
  • v9's mindmap view is honestly of little use
Timeline is one of the necessary views, for anyone whose data contains time info.
  • NB : TIMELINE, NOT CALENDAR - calendar is as useless in a mindmapping app, as it is in a project management app, where you need a Gantt chart, NOT a calendar

( aside #1 : the non-hierarchical is fundamental for me : brains associate any-to-any concepts on the fly, without need for categorisation )
( aside #2 : this criterion alone disqualifies - to me - all mindmapping apps which shoehorn you )

All this to say that, in my purist view, I agree with your remark that it is The Mind we need to map !

Moltaire wrote: Surely it is not TheBrain that we represent, but TheMind?Well, it depends on your interpretation of mind-brain identity.

Also, it's not really "TheBrain" or "TheMind", it's YourBrain/Mind or MyBrain/Mind, and then we get into the meaning of "You" and "I" ...
Gotta love your Quote: [crazy]  !


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