How and why does TheBrain separate description of a website into thought name and label?

I very often don't like the way it does it.

Sometimes it doesn't grab the website title at all.

Anyways, how to prevent separation and keep the whole thing as a thought name?

Also, a keyboard shortcut (or context menu item) for switching name and label would be helpful.
Thanks for posting.  There are many variables in HTML coding to determine the name/title/description of a web page. We do our best to select an appropriate name from the code.  If the title tag has something like "My web site - part one" or "My web site | part one" - you'll see that the 'part one' is placed in the label.  You can always Alt + click on a Thought to open it's Thought Properties Display and rename.  Ctrl + Enter on a Windows machine will also open your active Thoughts Properties.

+1 for context menu option and keyboard shortcut to switch thought name & label

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