Hi!  It so amazing to witness the evolution of the webbrain since its introduction!

I'd love to just publish my brain verbatim and link it from my home page.

what stops me is I'd love to see "permissions" implemented for my thoughts.

the need for this is evidenced by seeing that you've blurred thoughts from David Allen's brain in a recent blog post!

the geek in me says to model it after UN*X - some thoughts are just for me, some directed at groups and other and just plain public.   now how you deal with
recursively applying permissions is beyond me at the moment ;-)

Short-term, I'd be happy to have a simple public/private checkbox for the very few thoughts I feel fit in this category and publish from there.

Has anyone else come up with other methods for managing permissions?

Anything coming down the pipe you can tell us about right now?

keep up the good work!

You can already set a thought to "private" in personal brain. Although I haven't tested that it properly DOESN'T share those thoughts in a for public webbrain.

duh - i remember seeing that checkmark now!   never made sense as to what it was for in the past 

just tried to update my webbrain with one of my thoughts checked private and I can still search of the thought and read its contents.

I assume it's coming soon!
This feature is working correctly as far as I know.

Private thoughts are only hidden if the person viewing the Brain is not the owner. If you are they are shown and searchable. Otherwise, they are hidden and are not searchable... If you want to verify that the private Thoughts are not visible to others log out and access your Brain and check that you can't see them nor search for them.
I verified when you are logged out, it does indeed hide thoughts both when public and unlisted - thanks for the clarification!

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