The same Brain has been synced through Brain 7 and Brain 8.   The Brain 7 version on Webbrain shows the hundreds of thought icons attached.  When I sync the same Brain but through Brain 8, none of the thought icons are showing up on Webbrain.  It also got rid of the wallpaper.  But the big question is, why is the Brain 8 Webbrain not showing the thought icons?

Are these icons that are not appearing part of the built-in icon library or are these icons you manually assigned?
Patrick Thompson
TheBrain Technologies
Manually applied. 

I've attached figures: 1) Brain 7 version of Brain in Webbrain (icons visible).  2) Brain 8 version of Brain in Webbrain (icons not visible - although the spaces are there).  This happened when I opened an existing Brain in Brain 8, changed the GUID, and then synced it for the first time. They icons are still showing up on both of our computers, but not on Webbrain.  

Note that for fun I repeated the exact chain of events with another brain (much smaller), and this time the thought icons are visible in Webbrain.   But where are the thousands of thought icons in the Webbrain shown in Figure 2.  They are literally all invisible.   

 Figure 1 webbrain.png Figure 2 Webbrain.png 


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