Date Created, Date Modified, Timeline.

It would be nice to access Date/Time data in the iOS app.


Any update on this?

In the desktop app:
  1. We can add Events to Thoughts, Types, Tags and Links.
  2. We can view Date Created and Date Modified for Thoughts, Types, Tags and Links.
  3. We can arrange Thoughts by Date Created, Date Modified and Date Activated.
We can't do any of those in the iOS app.

Also, no Timeline, no History, and no Report to list recently-modified tasks.
And, on the iPhone, there's no list of recently-activated Thoughts, or even a "Back" button.

The iOS app is called "TheBrain" but it ignores a fundamental aspect of how our brains store and process information. 
Oh yes, +1!
Yeah, IOS and android are limited but I apprciate them.

I do not have expertise in operating system limtations but I know the hardware in many instance is hugely powerful more than adequate for full implementation

I have Ipad pro 12.9 with 512 GB. 

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