I am stumped how to move a thought to a different parent. The context menu allows you to create a parent (or child), but not move a child from one parent to another.

Does anyone have a suggestion? 
The fastest way is to click the parent gate, and drag (or use keyboard shortcut). Then type in the parent name and select using the arrow key. 
Now, instead of just hitting Enter key to choose the parent, hold down the shift key as you hit enter. 
macOS 10.13
TheBrain 9.0.230
zenrain's method is the best way of moving a child Thought from one parent to another if the new parent is not currently being displayed in one of four possible areas:
1. The Plex - the main area where we see the interconnected thoughts.
2. Horizontal scrollable list (below the Plex) of recently activated thoughts.
3. Pinned thoughts
4. Selected thoughts, which show up as a vertical list to the left of the Plex.

If the new parent is visible in one of those four areas, you can shift-click the Parent gate of the child thought and drag the link to the Child gate of the new parent. For me, the new parent is often a thought that I've recently activated so it shows up as a previous thought in area #2. 

It can, though, be tricky to drag to the correct thought (especially if there are several thoughts that are close to each other and they have similar long names) and to the correct position on the thought, so zenrain's method is "safer" (and, perhaps easier), even if the new parent is visible.

A not-so-elegant method is to drag the Parent gate to another thought and then unlink the original parent.
zenrain and Cerebrum, thank you both for the detailed suggestions. I will give them a try and see how it goes.
Yes, thanks from me too. I have been unlinking the original parent after linking to the new parent.
Hi all,

The shift-click method can be used even when the new Thought you are attaching to is not visible. Hold down shift while you drag the link, continue to hold it down while typing the Thought name and double-clicking on it. It will unlink from the old parent Thought the same as if you just shift-dragged to the new parent.

Cheers, Sean
I got a bit lost wondering what a 'parent gate' was, but finally succeeded in moving a couple of child thoughts to a different parent thought using zenrain's method for one and Cerebrum's method for the other. Both work well.

I think this is both an important and common use case that deserves to be more prominently documented in the manual/tutorials. 
Thanks for your feedback. We may not create a Brain 9 manual, for a few reasons...

- The design philosophy from the beginning has been "If it needs a manual, it's wrong" 
- The software evolves too quickly for us to keep it up to date easily
- Most people don't read manuals anymore (right?)

However, we've tried to include all of the "less discoverable" features in the list of tips that are included with the application. Also, the new round of tutorial videos that are in the quick-start brain (Help > Create a Quick-Start Brain) is going to be fairly comprehensive when it is complete.

In the meantime, you may want to refer to our version 8 tutorial on "Changing Thought Relationships: 

Best regards,
Brigitte, based on feedback recently received from Matt in this discussion thread, I thought the possibility of developing a manual was now being reconsidered.

Did I misunderstand Matt's comment?

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