When I select one of my large Brains for import it tells me it's calculating the size of the import, and then says it can't open the database and to make sure it's not open in V8.  It's not open in V8.  Any suggestions?  

Hi Mark,

Is TheBrain 8 running at all? If so, have you tried closing it and then importing that Brain?
In some circumstances, TheBrain 8 is still open in the background, even when you don't see the app.  Take a quick look for TheBrain in the Background Processes of your Task Manager.

Yes, I had checked for v8 and had open and closed it a couple of times to be sure.  No difference.  Now what was really alarming was that when I went back to next open that Brain in v8, it told me it was corrupted and would have to be restored.  Since I had had that Brain open with no problems shortly before, and the only thing I'd done was to try and open it in v9, I'm going to be extremely careful going forward about importing Brains!   
Mark, I'd guess the two events are related but not in the way you think. If it was corrupted, TB9 was not able to open it and thus gave you that message. Then when you opened in TB8, it recovered the data. Anyhow, if you want to be extra careful, you can make a brainzip from TB8 and then use that as the source for your import to TB9.

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