I have two brains which I would like to share some thoughts, in particular, people. So I would create a thought in a brain then copy in the other one. But I would like both be sync, so when I make changes in one of them, the other is updated (notes, attachments and so on). Is this possible?
Hi Ricard,

Linking Thoughts is very much like having a URL of a webpage. It just takes you to that page, and does not update any other data. It is useful to navigate to a Thought within another Brain quickly but does not update any data in the linked Thought or Brain.

Cheers, Sean
@rcastellet ~

One of the very convenient features of TB9 is the fact that you can, as Sean has described, place a local thought link from one brain into another brain (as either a note link or an attached link), and clicking the link will automatically allow you to switch from one brain to the other.

More details are provided in this discussion, if you are interested.

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