As per the documentation, a type can have only one parent.

But using jumps and then changing parent/child relationships, it is possible to create this:
thebrain-type hierarchies.png 

Rather than treat this as a bug, maybe you'll can treat this as a feature and support this behaviour to ensure it works correctly across TheBrain.
That way types could inherit the color/icon of the first parent if not overridden. 
Just a thought.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.  I've replicated the same scenario.  I'll need to document this as a bug, as it might be causing errors in reports or other areas of the application (further testing will let us know) and inconsistencies in the display.  If it causes no obvious problems, it may only be found a bit confusing by some... We'll review in the development team.

Thank you,
The reason I asked for this not to be considered as a bug is because it implicitly allows for useful results.
Given the hierarchy above, if I do a Report for Second Type, I get the thoughts attached to First/Fourth and Third Type. Also, the Report checkboxes for Types works as expected. There is no other way to achieve this behavior that I know of. 

Unrelated to this, one other feature which would be useful is to have an option to left align thoughts on the display rather than center-aligned.

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