I've had two unexpected errors (with forced restart) since upgrading to the RC. I hope these errors are getting into your queue (I clicked the submit button to send them) as I don't think this thing is ready to be released.

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TheBrain v9.0.245.0 | macOS 10.12.6 | MacBook Pro 13,1 (late 2016) 2.4Gz i7, 16GB RAM, Intel Iris 540 GPU

Just wanted to confirm with TB Staff: I frequently get these error messages, too -- and I always select the checkbox to submit the error message automatically.

May I assume this submittal is always done automatically when I click "Continue" or "Restart" -- or do I need to submit each of these errors, along with an output log, manually?

The reason I ask is that there is never any positive confirmation of whether the message was submitted or not, and I've been relying on this automatic submittal process for:
> any error messages previously submitted manually
> error messages where no screenshots can be provided
> error messages where I'm not able to provide much (if any) related information.

All other error messages and glitches are submitted through TB help desk with output logs attached and as much related information as I can provide.
Thank you both for posting. Submitting errors automatically from the application error message sends all needed info directly into our engineering team.  We'll contact you directly if further information is needed.  If you have questions about the message, or if you simply want to discuss further, provide screenshots, follow up, etc. - you can still contact us manually here or through

Thank you,
Thanks so much for confirming, Matt. I never quite knew if my reports were getting through, and I really appreciate having this quick, automatic way to report bugs and other strange performance issues.

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