New user here. I've been looking for mindmapping software, and the features offered by The Brain instantly took me in. Here's my rather sad journey so far.

Downloaded the windows client, and installed it. After installtion, launched the client.

- Why am I on the beta channel!? I just downloaded from the official download button on your website. Supposedly you guys are on version 9, but still beta!?
- First startup time was 12 seconds!? I'm on my okayish laptop with no other processes running, 3 gigs of unused RAM, non-SSD system.
- The interface is annoyingly slow and laggy. Clicking next on the startup tips is laggy. Opening the preferences box takes 3+ seconds. Switching tabs in the preferences dialog takes atleast 1 second per switch! WTF?
- Tried creating my first brain. Clicked the link on the startup page for creating it. Waited for 30+ seconds, and then it crashed! Seriously?
- Relaunched it (the updater was stuck, had to manually kill both processes and relaunch. Relaunch time was also 10+ seconds), and there was the new tutorial brain. Clicking any node takes 1+ seconds to expand?
- Opening the file menu takes almost a second!

- Came to the forum to report this, and see if I was the only one (maybe it's my lappy's issue). Oh sure, create another account for the forums? I just created one for The Brain, I can't use the same one?
- Created an account using Username, Password, Email. Clicked Create account, and got greeted by "Invalid Verification Code"!? WTF, there wasn't any verification code. Checked back to see if I missed it. Nopes, there's no verification code on the login/signup dialog. The human verification is only in the full size register page.

Great going guys. You're on your 9th freaking version, but still have so many issues? How do you guys earn!?

I was so happy to have found a full featured mindmapping software. But no thanks now. This software sucks.

Thanks for posting and sharing you experience.  I'm sorry to hear that the first impression was not a good one. Let me start by saying Welcome to TheBrain! We're happy to help correct these issues and get you up and running properly as soon as possible.

Yes, TheBrain 9 is still in Beta. We've posted this information on the download page, on the About screen in the app, etc.  Although it is still classified as Beta, we feel strongly that the current available build is far superior to TheBrain 8 (which is also still available from a link on our download page if you are not comfortable with Beta Software).  Additionally, there are different channels in the software - depending on what you are comfortable with.  When running TheBrain, click on Options > Preferences > System tab where you can switch over to the Alpha Channel for the absolute latest release from the developers as TheBrain 9 continues to evolve.

If you are interested in seeing which features/fixes have recently been included, a full list of release notes will always be available at

Which brings us to your slowness/lag issue.  We have recently updated the software with some performance optimizations, but I believe if you've recently downloaded, you would have installed 9.0.236 (or higher) which would include these updates.  To be sure, when you are running TheBrain and experiencing the lag you have encountered, you can click on Help > Open Log directory to access an Output.log file.  You can email this file to with a description of your issue and we'll then take a closer look to see if we can find the cause.

Recently, some forum users posted that they were able to resolve some VERY similar issues by white-listing TheBrain in their local antivirus software (such as Avast and WebRoot). You can read more about that here: . This area of our forums (TheBrain 9 Desktop Beta)  has a great deal of active discussion on development/functionality of TheBrain 9 Beta that you may find helpful and or interesting. You mentioned TheBrain having "so many issues" above... please feel free to post other questions in this category, or directly email at any time.

Being as you are new to TheBrain, I would also like to encourage you to join a Brain 101 class.  I personally present these classes (typically every Friday) and demonstrate the basics behind getting started with TheBrain 9.  I'll share sample Brains, my own personal Brain and even create a new Brain from scratch. At the end of the class, I'll also answer and/or demonstrate functionality for any additional attendee questions. You can sign up at .

And finally, I'm sorry to hear that you also had difficulty creating an account on the forums.  We'll review our forum sign up process to see if it can be streamlined for less frustration in the future.

Thanks again for posting - I look forward to hearing from you,
Matt, could you please provide the specific link to which you were referring regarding the Avast & WebRoot issues? The link provided above appears to be broken. Thanks.

Update: Guess the link is working here. Maybe it was just broken in the email message where I clicked originally. Thanks! :-)
Hey Pragy, I'm not trying to troll you buddy and this is a month old - but for any other potential users who stumble on this and get put off trialing TheBrain...

I've used TheBrain for almost 5 years on: 1 x truly feeble MacBook, 1 x weaksauce PC, 1 x gruntmeister PC and a Surface Pro (I quickly abandoned iOS use for various reasons).  To be fair, it's run pretty slick.  Admittedly, pre v9 was....not the fastest launching application but that issue's well and truly dealt with in v9.

Something else must have been going on in your case, maybe the AV issue mentioned by Matt.  In any case, it'd be a shame to write off TB.  Took me a while to get my "philosophy" clean, but now I rely on TB heavily at work every day;  I once had my boss came over to talk about something I'd done 2 years prior, and the relevant docs were open before he'd even finished his phrase.

Hmmm...even with regular 'gardening' I have 6.6 kThoughts in my work brain and only 2.2 kThoughts in my home brain.  Time to re-evaluate my work-life balance I feel.
I have 6.6 kThoughts in my work brain and only 2.2 kThoughts in my home brain

Been tempted to just make it one big brain?

What does our work brain use/setup look like?
Using: Evernote | FilterizeDynalist | InstaPaper | TheBrain v10.0.17.0
LOL, I started with one big brain, but recently broke it out to one for personal and one for work. 

I'm actually happier with it that way, because I can tailor my types and tags to each database, and I don't have much cross over. Although I admit my personal db is waaaaay bigger than my work one. Not that it really matters, both serve their use. 

And a HUGE hat tip to TB9 that makes it so easy to switch between brains and have multiple open at the same time. Without that, I wouldn't have done it.
macOS 10.13
TheBrain 9.0.250
I'm actually happier with it that way

I like(d) the idea of having everything in one place. Plus, some work knowledge has a crossover, so...

And a HUGE hat tip to TB9 that makes it so easy to switch between brains and have multiple open at the same time. Without that, I wouldn't have done it.

Yup, that's actually what had me create a work brain. CTRL TAB and I'm in the other place. Kind of a free feeling almost 😉
Using: Evernote | FilterizeDynalist | InstaPaper | TheBrain v10.0.17.0

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