Using PB with Mac OS 10.5.6 and Java SE 6

Using the command (equivalently Apple) key in a keyboard accelerator generates weird results:

(1) starting from the default list of accelerators, create an accelerator for the command Thought>Add Attachment by choosing command+F2 (i.e, hold the command key down and press the function key F2). Instead of creating the accelerator command+F2, a note appears at the bottom of the preferences window saying "key already used by Create Jump".  But the default accelerator for Create Jump is F2, not command+F2.

(2) Try creating an accelerator of the form command+i (where i is any of the number keys from 1 to 5). Nothing shows up in the Accelerator column. But if you use i=6, then command+6 does show up in the Accelerator column.


I would check to make sure the OS doesn't already have assignments for command + (1-0).

I've noticed that the PB accelerators will not override system accelerators. For example, I tried to assign command Y, the OS shortcut for Quick Look (in addition to the spacebar) to Quick Look in PB, however it didn't work. Assigning Command + shift + Y did though.

Windows 7
OSX 10.6.3
Java SE 6

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