I have several complex business processes that I would like to map out using TheBrain, where the main advantage over a simple flowchart is that I can expand and collapse various branches of the flow, kinda ...

The main problem is that I can't view more than three levels at the same time in Normal view. The Outline and Mind Map views (TB9) do allow expand/collapse but they don't show the thoughts connected vertically.

Is anybody here using TheBrain to show flowcharts?
I'm not currently using TheBrain this way, but I would also be very interested in feedback from anyone who is....

I believe you are referring to the visualization of Jump Thoughts in Outline and Mind Map view. We've recently documented the request to display Jumps in these views.

Thanks Matt but I'm just looking for some feedback/suggestions/examples of how other users have used TheBrain to display business processes.

For example, do you use TheBrain to document feature requests?
The few times I've had to map out a complex process I realized that I needed a "document" like file that I could browse and save and view. While I sometimes did this in Expanded view (in v8), the thought shape and links just don't have enough variety to have a visual impact for me when there's a lot going on. In addition, I found it useful to have outlines of certain paths to separate them and make them stand out more visually. 

I ended up using a tool I already own and use, Tinderbox (macOS only). Once it was done I attached the file as an internal attachment and took a screenshot of the Tinderbox map, then added that as a Thought Icon. 

To me this was more effective than using TheBrain Expanded view by itself, and more effective than using Tinderbox by itself, as I can now easily view the flow image at a glance to refresh my memory, and open the full document if I need to.

I'm sure this approach would work with any mind map/flowchart/visual software.
macOS 10.13
TheBrain 9.0.230

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