Immediately after upgrading to .215 everything ground to a halt. Practically unusable. Unsure what's going on. Previous versions were all fine.

If I had to guess it's something to do with indexing but overall slow. Type a thought into the search box and I get "searching". Click on another thought in the plex and wait 10+ seconds for it to change.
Fixed now. Here's what I did.

1. Moved brain from Veracrypt container to local HDD. Although it's run fine in the container to date up to v.214, I wondered if that was the case. No change. Running from C:\... was just as bad.

2. Moved brain back to Veracrypt container. Now all good.
Sounds like there was a problem accessing the database due to Veracrypt. No changes were made related to database access between .214 and .215. TB9 depends on the access to the database files being fast - if it is slow TB will be slow. This is why slow drives (such as network drives, USB drives, or other drives where an additional layer is added, as I'd guess Veracrypt works) can have an impact.
I am running Win10 latest on a hot PC and have tons of RAM and local drive space.  Version 9 in general and especially this latest .215 crawl for me, too.  Could there be a setting or selection I could drop/add/change that might help?  Thanks!
mettdavis, I would send in your log with an email to support. In the UI Preferences you can try disabling Update displayed content on hover, embedded browser and previews and see if that helps. If it does, try disabling one at a time and see if it narrows down what the cause is. 

Oh, and also check that the animation speed isn't set to slow on the Look & Feel tab. [smile]
macOS 10.12.5
TheBrain 9.0.219

I'm running V216 on Windows 7, and the application is running impossibly slow here, as well. Might be related to a resource issue on my computer (Chrome tends to munch a lot of RAM) -- but I'm not sure the problem is just with my computer.

See the attached screenshot taken before I closed Chrome and restarted the brain. FYI, I have an extremely small brain in TB9 (only a few hundred thoughts), and this seems like a LOT of resources for TB9 to be using:


Apologies for not remembering to capture the output log that corresponds with this screen shot.

I have, however, attached the output log, along with another screenshot, for my current brain session which is also running like molasses:


> Animation speed setting is fast
> Internal browser and previews are disabled
> "Update displayed content on hover" is turned on because I use (rely on) it all the time.

Hope this helps.

2 more possible clues about this slow performance problem....Don't know if this additional information will help at all, but I thought I'd share it just in case.

(1) Sync Issue
Before closing down TB9 (since it is now too slow to use), I tried syncing to capture my most recent edits, at which point I discovered one of the consequences of this slow performance is that the changes on a recently edited note appeared to be completely LOST after the sync.

However, when I closed and reopened TB, the edits were restored. Somehow the slow speed of TB apparently prevented the most current version of the notes from loading after a sync.

(2) Shutdown Issue
When I attempted to close TB again (after reopening it to check on the lost notes), I had a hard time getting the application to close. At one point, it looked liked had shut down, and then it popped open again.

Turns out one of my custom theme settings was taking forever to load, and this (apparently) prevented TB from shutting down completely. Once the theme was fully loaded, then I could close TB, as usual.

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