Immediately after upgrading to .215 everything ground to a halt. Practically unusable. Unsure what's going on. Previous versions were all fine.

If I had to guess it's something to do with indexing but overall slow. Type a thought into the search box and I get "searching". Click on another thought in the plex and wait 10+ seconds for it to change.
Fixed now. Here's what I did.

1. Moved brain from Veracrypt container to local HDD. Although it's run fine in the container to date up to v.214, I wondered if that was the case. No change. Running from C:\... was just as bad.

2. Moved brain back to Veracrypt container. Now all good.
Sounds like there was a problem accessing the database due to Veracrypt. No changes were made related to database access between .214 and .215. TB9 depends on the access to the database files being fast - if it is slow TB will be slow. This is why slow drives (such as network drives, USB drives, or other drives where an additional layer is added, as I'd guess Veracrypt works) can have an impact.
I am running Win10 latest on a hot PC and have tons of RAM and local drive space.  Version 9 in general and especially this latest .215 crawl for me, too.  Could there be a setting or selection I could drop/add/change that might help?  Thanks!
mettdavis, I would send in your log with an email to support. In the UI Preferences you can try disabling Update displayed content on hover, embedded browser and previews and see if that helps. If it does, try disabling one at a time and see if it narrows down what the cause is. 

Oh, and also check that the animation speed isn't set to slow on the Look & Feel tab. [smile]
macOS 10.13
TheBrain 9.0.250

I'm running V216 on Windows 7, and the application is running impossibly slow here, as well. Might be related to a resource issue on my computer (Chrome tends to munch a lot of RAM) -- but I'm not sure the problem is just with my computer.

See the attached screenshot taken before I closed Chrome and restarted the brain. FYI, I have an extremely small brain in TB9 (only a few hundred thoughts), and this seems like a LOT of resources for TB9 to be using:


Apologies for not remembering to capture the output log that corresponds with this screen shot.

I have, however, attached the output log, along with another screenshot, for my current brain session which is also running like molasses:


> Animation speed setting is fast
> Internal browser and previews are disabled
> "Update displayed content on hover" is turned on because I use (rely on) it all the time.

Hope this helps.

2 more possible clues about this slow performance problem....Don't know if this additional information will help at all, but I thought I'd share it just in case.

(1) Sync Issue
Before closing down TB9 (since it is now too slow to use), I tried syncing to capture my most recent edits, at which point I discovered one of the consequences of this slow performance is that the changes on a recently edited note appeared to be completely LOST after the sync.

However, when I closed and reopened TB, the edits were restored. Somehow the slow speed of TB apparently prevented the most current version of the notes from loading after a sync.

(2) Shutdown Issue
When I attempted to close TB again (after reopening it to check on the lost notes), I had a hard time getting the application to close. At one point, it looked liked had shut down, and then it popped open again.

Turns out one of my custom theme settings was taking forever to load, and this (apparently) prevented TB from shutting down completely. Once the theme was fully loaded, then I could close TB, as usual.
I have installed the current version of TB9 ( on Win7, and I am still having impossibly difficult problems running TB9 on my desktop computer.

Here's a typical scenario that just repeated itself again this afternoon:
  • When I attempt to launch TB9, it is extremely slow to load. In fact, I often have to click the "execute" shortcut multiple times before TB9 will even launch.
  • Once TB9 loads, the interface is extremely slow to respond to any and all types of commands.
  • The longer I try to use TB9, the slower it gets.
  • When I check my task manager to see how many resources are being muched, the numbers are in the hundreds of thousands, with multiple sub-processes running (see graphics shared previously).
  • Within less than a hour of using TB9, it often freezes up completely, and I either have to close it manually, or I get some sort of error message, or both.
  • - - - - - - - - - -
  • When I reload TB9, the slow loading process starts all over.
  • Then I get a message (1) indicating the brain did not shut down properly and (2) offering to reload the settings.
  • I say "yes" to the reload settings command, but the settings do NOT reload properly. For example, when TB9 reloaded just now, my theme settings and ALL my icons were lost, and none of them could be restored either by restarting TB9 or by rebooting my computer.

I confess I remain frustrated and confused by the fact that I can't even begin to use TB9 on anything resembling a stable basis, and I am completely mystified by how others have migrated into the TB9 and use it with apparently no significant, ongoing problems.

In the future, I will try to capture the output log after a crash like this, but it often hard to even navigate to the output log when TB9 locks up like this.

Please Note:
  • I maintain my PC with a variety of malware protection and performance optimization applications (WebRoot, Auslogics, Malware Bytes, etc.) -- and I do not have problems like this with any other software applications.
  • I also don't mean for this report to be a "gripe" about TB9. I am actually quite eager to find a way to start using TB9, but it has been impossible for me to do so under the current circumstances.

In light of this, I'm wondering:
  • Are there any other Windows users of TB9 who are having similar issues?
  • Should I give up on using the "Alpha" channel of TB9?
  • Would there be value in scheduling a private support session to review the problems I'm having with TB9?
  • -- My concern about trying to troubleshoot this in a live session is there is always a chance that, on any given day, the problems might take more than a few minutes to show up, and I don't want the live support session to be a waste of time for TheBrain Support.
  • -- For example, after closing and restarting TB9 5 or 6 times now, it finally reloaded with the theme and icons intact again, so I have no idea when these operational problems are going to show up.

Any suggestions and feedback will be genuinely appreciated.

Since TB9 interface looked "ok" again after submitting this bug report, I tried creating a new thought (1st action since launching TB9) -- and TB9 immediately locked up again, at which point I got a message (1) telling me there was an "unexpected error" and (2) offering me the chance to report this error.

Then the error message screen locked up.

Output log is attached.
Metta, I, too, have experienced very slow performance from TB9 on a similarly-equipped-and-protected Win10 PC.  I can load it pretty quickly, but when I try to start a new thought, things drag out ridiculously slowly.  I figured that would clear up, over time.  However, last night I realized that some of the Thoughts from a V8 Brain that I imported into TB9 are inexplicably missing the internal attachments (PDFs, JPGs, etc.) that are still contained in the online V8 version of the same Thoughts (I know, because I went online and compared the old V8 versions (attachments intact) to their V9 counterparts (attachments missing; "File not Found").  I am about to send my Output.log to Support, in re.  I just wanted to thank you and Support for working through this performance issue(s), and add this bit about missing attachments.  The V8 Brain that I imported is quite large and very important to me, and so I am very concerned that there might be chronic, sporadic instances of missing attachments in the V9 version.  In the end, though, that's why I made and saved so many V8 and V9 backups along the way, and I remain committed to working through this with all of you, because "the juice is worth the squeeze;" V9 rocks.  We'll figure it out!  Gung Ho and regards....
Thanks so much, mettdavis, for your helpful feedback and update.

Attachments and note contents have, quite honestly, been one of my biggest concerns about attempting to migrate my megabrain into TB9 for the very reason you've described: I simply can't afford to lose valuable content and not know it.

I am also very grateful for your tenacity and enthusiasm for working through these performance issues. I remain optimistic that, with the faithful support of TB engineers and staff we'll get there -- and it helps immensely to have additional feedback from other dedicated users like you. :-)

I am also cautiously pleased to report that, after my disastrous experience working in TB9 yesterday, I was able to use it this morning for over 2 hours without any obvious problems. Of course, this remains a complete mystery to me, since I'm not aware of ANY differences in usage between yesterday and today -- and it does make it considerably harder to troubleshoot these issues when they only occur sporadically.

However, I'm hopeful that today's better usage experience may predict more consistent and reliable performance in the days ahead, and I'll look forward to any feedback TB staff can provide about how best to troubleshoot these issues if/when they occur in the future.

Sorry to hear about the latest issue with TheBrain locking up, but good to know that it was working fine for you today.  Our engineers are taking a closer look at your log file as well as the slowness issue being reported.  I'll keep you posted.

Thank you,
Thank you, Matt. I regret I didn't manage to provide a log file for yesterday's initial big freeze, but I hope the log I did share for the 2nd freeze may include some useful information.

I also appreciate very much your tenacity and that of the engineers in working on and working through these issues.
Impossibly slow speeds resumed (again) immediately after updating to version 232.

Screenshot from my Win7 Task Manager and the current output log are included below.


I have been away from TB9 all week but will catch up soon and post anything here I think might be useful.  Thx for your continuing posts and news.  

My TB9 speeds have improved and stayed better, but I am still working through my lost-attachment problems with the infinitely-patient Brain Support group.  

Most recently, I changed all of the GUIDs for the TB9 I had either imported from prior TB8 .BrainZIP backup files or from more-recent TB9 .BRZ backup files.  I have deleted all Brain files in the Brain Cloud.

I then opened the TB9 Brain that I had created freshly by importing my last-ever TB8 .BrainZIP backup file.  

I then made the uppermost or “top” Thought (whatever you call the root Thought)...my current, active Thought.

Next, I Imported my TB9 .BRZ backup file into this same, existing TB9 (former TB8) Brain.

Most of the Attachments in the TB8-converted-to-TB9 Brain were still intact.  I was expecting the TB9 Brain that I imported to roughly double the size of the resultant, combined Brain, and that the combined Brain would have 90% duplicate Thoughts.

The minute after I finished the Import and produced the combined Brain, I had to set it aside and work on other things.

I have not yet given it a proper examination to be sure that the import and combination processes were successful.

I do recall that in the brief time I had to look at that combined Brain, it did not seem to be much larger (in number of Thoughts) than my original TB8-converted-to-TB9 Brain, and I did not immediately see another, redundant, TB9 imported “tree” branching off from the central Thought, as I had expected.

This probably means that the Import was unsuccessful, and/or that my understanding of what to look for post-import was incorrect.

I will get back to that experiment soon, and will post any questions or notes in that I think might be useful to you.

Best of continuing luck to you with these ongoing efforts.


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