Version is up now and adds the ability to index the content of attachments in over 200 file formats under Windows. After installing version, registered users of Pro or Core will be prompted to download the an additional installer with indexing libraries.

Only new or updated attachments will be indexed unless you select File > Utilities > Rebuild Search Index after installing the indexing libraries. Once the libraries are installed, any changes to attachments will automatically be indexed and the rebuild command only need be selected if the index has never been built with the benefit of the indexing libraries.

Since this is the first public release to include the indexing libraries, I anticipate there will be problems, so beware... As always, let us know how it goes.

Happy Independence Day!


July 4, 2007

  • Changes
    • Better error tracking information is preserved in log files
  • Fixes
    • Fixed: Failure to locate libraries prevent Startup



July 3, 2007

  • Windows
    • Registered version prompts for download of full install
    • Full install includes filters for indexing over 200 file formats including PDF, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
  • Search
    • In search results display is better formatted (parent thoughts are more distinctly separated)

... Indexing seems to work fine (in most cases). But none of my mindmaps (MindManager) could be indexed.
Here an example of the error message:
         Indexing thought attachment Phoenix,211.231 - GmbH.mmp
           Converting attachment GmbH.mmp to txt\231.txt [Error: The document can not be filtered.]
         Indexing thought attachment Phoenix,211.267 - GmbH.mmap
           Converting attachment GmbH.mmap to txt\267.txt [Error: The document can not be filtered.]

FYI, I had the same problem with the installation of this version as with the prior version, where I received an error indicating that the new .exe could not install because PB was running, even though I did not see any pb.exe within the task manager. 

I killed the spybot teatimer and two sql processes, and then the new PB version loaded without having to reboot.   Don't know which did the trick but this seemed to solve the problem.

Had no problem with the indexing.

Hope y'all had a good ole 4th of July.  

Rainer wrote: ... Indexing seems to work fine (in most cases). But none of my mindmaps (MindManager) could be indexed.

Unfortunately, PB can only index file formats that it understands. Currently this list does not include MindManager.

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