Version is available now. This version should provide a big speed boost for anyone who has lots of information inside of notes. Also worth mentioning is a new, much better set of default icons for Mac and Linux. Please let us know if you notice the change in speed.


July 11, 2007

  • Performance
    • Notes load speed is 10 times faster
    • Search results display is faster
    • Animation speed does not slow when an external attachment is missing
  • Icons
    • Add Attachment dialog buttons are larger
    • New default icon set for Mac and Linux
      • Better mappings for file types to icons
  • Changes
    • Additional logging of search results generation is performed
    • Delete and Enter keys can be used in the Attachments list to delete and open attachments
    • Search results display includes more log information
  • Fixes
    • Fixed: Drag and drop of Amazon URLs does not always work
    • Fixed: (Windows) If the default browser icon cannot be found, the add attachment dialog does not work
    • Fewer clipboard conflicts with ESP monitoring
    • Fixed: If window is maximized to a secondary screen, it loads back up on the primary screen
    • Fixed: If the default Brain fails to load, the main toolbar fails to update
    • Fixed: Toolbar width does not adjust properly when too many Brain buttons have been added
    • Fixed: Attachment toolbar buttons do not update properly when editing is cancelled via escape key
    • Fixed: Brain button state does not update when the selected Brain fails to load
    • Calendar priority drop down menu shows icons instead of letters
    • Fixed: Drag and drop of Web sites with foreign characters in their title does not set the thought name correctly.
    • Fixed: Right click can trigger edit of names and locations in the attachments list
    • Fixed: Favicons from Web sites that are located via the <head> tag are not loaded
    • Fixed: Sort order of attachments list in secondary attachments lists affect other attachment lists


I have lots of information inside of notes (I know, too mutch, above notes limits...but I don't love convert notes to attachments; i don't love every times open attachments for read every note thought). I don't notice the change in speed... then I had deleted information inside of notes because my absolute target is speed in my personalbrain and for my opinion even with speed is slow.
Without big notes personalbrain is fast.

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